Did M.I’s “You Rapper’s Should Fix Up Your Lives” get the right response and impact?

Did Cardi B and Nickki Minaj play themselves at Migos’ Motorsport?

Are the Next Generation artistes doing enough to be heard?

We begin  this week’s review on the premise of the issues raised above.




Over the weekend we saw a strong agitation by Young Nigerians for the total scrapping of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS , and Rapper Vector responded with the track Gunshot . In The Track, Vector weighs in on the current situation in the country.  He talks about the state of poverty and the police brutality meted out by the special Anti Robbery Squad.  Prior to this, Ycee dropped I wish and we also saw a couple of responses to M.I’s You Rappers should fix up Your life . Maybe Rapper’s indeed waking up after all.

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Migos finally unveil the official music video for their “MotorSport” record with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

with the two female MCs spitting their intense verses in some extravagant ensembles. While the Atlanta trio flaunt their luxury vehicles, which coincides with the car-themed record, both the Bronx and Queens rappers keep the focus on their competitive bars. However,  both ladies were not present on the same venue while the video was shot. Why is this an issue? because they were throwing shades at each other on the same video! They played themselves.

Are The Next Generation Doing Enough to Be Heard? (Who are The Next Generation)

Who are the Next Generation in Nigeria’s music Industry?

Honestly, this is a hard answer to arrive at because there are thousands of artistes being churned out every year but very few break into recognition or stardom. However, let’s draw an assertion with a particular platform;

Forget radio, Soundcloud is the home of future generation in Nigeria’s music industry. With the number of acts in divergent genres growing, and the limited number of slots available for new acts on radio, Nigerian artistes are beginning to grasp the opportunity that Soundcloud offers.

With increased penetration of Internet, Nigerians with access to various platforms have had to be creative in pursuing new platforms to distribute their music and Soundcloud which has constituted a popular outlet for this, is growing in significance.

While radio is important for commercial artistes, it is Soundcloud which caters for the artistes in other genres of Nigeria Music. Certain artistes who fit the generic description for these such as Nonso Amadi, Odunsi The Engine and Asa have gone pop, but a teeming mass of others still remain. That’s where Soundcloud comes to play. Nigeria is blessed with a variety of talents, and since they all can’t get a spot on radio, they have depended on the online platform for streaming their music to millions of people. However, As someone who works in  a radio station, i am not downplaying the huge infleunce of the broadcast medium, Radio.


We can comfortably call few notable names like Santi, Lady Donli , ShowDemCamp, Tomi ThomasBris BOdunsi, OmagzBad Bridge , Tay , WavyTheCreator, Lady Donli , MinzNse, Iceboxx, DavidMillz and other mainstream artistes who are too numerous to mention But Are They doing enough to be heard? I will be answering this in my next review but what do You Think?


Off the “20” album; South African duo Mafikizolo unlocked the music video for the Yemi Alade assisted “Ofana Nawe” and The Video did not live up to the standards of the track.

 Given that Mafikizolo is one of the many african music group that incoporates Dance into their music videos – not for the love of it but because the visuals are usually inspired by the sounds – , they failed to replicate what they did with the Hit single “Khona” and featured tracks like Tchelete with Davido and Happiness which featured MayD.

OfanaNawe , as directed by Garth Von Glehn, started with a group of dancers acting as though they were mourning and in a flip it turned into a dance which did not correspond with the song.

The Old Skool themed custume limited the African feel which the song had and left the trio at spot. For Short, it lacked the African Vibe (Dance, Costume, Atmosphere and slight cultural hints) it could have had.

I failed to find out the meaning of the title of the song, maybe thats where i got it wrong! What’s Your Take?

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WHO SAMPLED WHO/WHAT (The Etymology of your favourite Song)

In This segment of the review, we trace and  explore where the artiste and or the producer lifted a portion of kicks, sounds, hooks, You name it! Example for Dummies, DJ Khaled’s wild thought was sampled from Santana’s Maria Maria, You Dig now?

Wizkid’s Manya has samples from Duncan Mighty’s Dance For Me, V.I.P’s Ahomkha Wo Mu and Muma Gee



ETTE By David Millz

“ETTE” means “Father”in Ibbibio. So the track is more like a prayer from David Millz who has been on fire since he came on the scene this year. This is arguably the best Rap song coming from a Nigerian Up and coming artiste this Year. Maybe Our Rappers are stepping upm after all!

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David Millz is an Akwa-Cross Rapper and Producer currently signed to Leturah Entertainment. He hails from Odukpani Local Government in Cross River state but resides in The capital city of Akwa ibom, Uyo.

He is known for his indigenous rap song Ämedi (Welcome)

Connect with Millz by Folliwing him on IG/Twitter- @mrdavidmillz

That’s it for this Week’s Music Review, Your feedbacks, Criticism, and comments are appreciated!




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