Challex Ofem, Professionally known as Challex D Boss had his debut concert “Challex D Boss Unleashed” and launched his debut album “Preacher Man” on Sunday. That placed him on the record, the first Calabar artist to organise/host a musical concert.

The event which held at the frequently used Dome, Calabar, featured homegrown acts like Okpo recordz, Shark 2 6ix, Rexcoded, including comedians Mc George and Koboko among others.

The event fused drama and dance to tell the story of Challex who did not get the blessing of his father to pursue music. however, he followed his passion and the path to success is more visible.

Challex teamed up with band legato’ for a remarkable live band performance, something alien to Calabar artists. Performing his hit songs ‘Deliver’ and ‘Aproko’, Challex got a double endorsement from the audience who were soaked in the euphoria of his eclectic performance.

The show gained more energy as the anticipated guest, Fireboy stepped pon the stage to thrill then audience with his vocals performing singles like fire down, What if I say, and his hit song Jealous. that drew the curtains on the show.

While we are happy for Challex for pulling off such a great show, I penned one area that need to be improved on.


If there’s anything that Calabar events are known for is late kick-off and late ending with almost empty halls before the close events. What we saw in challex’s case was love! In regular situations, the halls get close to empty before the organisers exhaust their content. As an event manager, I know how difficult it is to knock off some items like performances especially when a fellow artist has to be pleased and sponsors satisfied. In such cases knock off irrelevant items.

Is this enough to crown Challex D Boss as Calabar’s number artist? Can he be accorded the face of Calabar’s music industry? Where you at the event? leave your comment in the comment section of this post.

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