So according to this twitter user @dawudi the government of Ecuador essentially had a war with goats . Yes. The animals. This is a thread on how it happened. Read below

This brought in the use of the infamous – “Judas Goat”. What’s a Judas Goat you ask? Well. They would find a female goat in the wild, tag it with a GPS tracker, and let it lead them to its underground comrades. They would then proceed to slaughter everyone except Judas. They used several Judas goats and by 2006, finally after a long battle with the goats putting up stiff resistance. The main islands were declared Goat Free and the population of species like the Giant Galapagos Tortoise started to rebound.5111410Dawudi@ThatMasakaOtaku·May 14The war on goats….was won. But spare a moment for the tenacity, wisdom, and drive of the Capra aegagrus hircus aka the domestic goat

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