Social Media Guru and serial entrepreneur Kelvinkul Akparanta have called out Calabar entertainers for not utilizing the social media space. The CEO of Box 411 has of late, repeatedly address some grueling issues straining the growth of the entertainment industry in Calabar. Below is what he posted on his Facebook page.

“Calabar Entertainers, Learn To Properly Use Social Networks”

“This is about to turn into some sort of rant so follow me. Every day, I log onto to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to witness Entertainers after entertainers use it the wrong way.

Twitter and Instagram has a widespread reach and you truthfully have no idea who’s watching you. It’s cool to follow Davido and Wizkid and see what they are tweeting about but it’s smarter to follow their management, stylist, PR team, etc. There are at least 30 plus people attached to any celebrity you can think of. If you’re on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook acting like a fan boy or tweeting negative things about these people you are an idiot. I mean, if your goal is to stay on your couch tweeting forever then you’re good. If you have the balls to live and die with these opinions then you’re good. I realized along time ago everyone in the industry is connected. Managers are fired and rehired by different camps. A&R’s leave one label and go work for the next. These relationships are all maintained over the course of time. You are not in the club yet, so it’s probably not a smart move to say something unsavory about the people that run it…

Am I making sense sef?
Should I continue?”

Are Kelvin’s concerns valid? what are your thoughts?

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