It was exactly 8 o’clock on a Monday morning, 1 week after the expiration of my official portfolio, I woke up and felt very light and free.

I woke up and realized no one was around the house as usual, I walked round my environment without the men on uniform Following me about like flies attracted by the feaces of a little child.

I thought maybe everyone was still asleep or I woke up rather too early. My wife I know where she is, my kids I can say they are in their rooms.

As for My maids, my protocols, my security, my Aids, my errand boys, my relatives, my social media employees who wakes up 3 hours before me on a daily basis to post about every little thing I do and those I didn’t do, my acquired loyalists, my attackers and defenders were all no where to be found.

I reached out for my phones, and realized I have to walk all the way upstairs to get them myself, this is something I have not done for years so I became worried.

I checked my phones for miss calls but none came through, no SMS, No email, no Sweet good morning rants from my admirers.

It became clear to me that something is Wrong somewhere. I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep, I wondered alone on the Bed looking at my wife by my side.

I woke her up and tried to engage her in a conversation but realized she was very tired, unlike her oooo. Hmmmmmmm! After a while she responded with a cold voice “I slept very late because I was trying to tidy the house”

Where is everyone I asked? Ah baby! She responded with surprise.

“They left na after your handing over, infact some left immediately after the Election. Only me, the children, emem our cook, Rose the cleaner and Ekpenyong the gateman that are in this house o”

Immediately, realities sets in, and it became done on me that I have been alone all these years. The people around me were there because of my Acquired status and not because they truly love and care for me.


Ok! Where are my friends, Chief XYZ, Hon. ABC, Professor QED? I asked her.

She replied, they haven’t been here for 1 month now. “You stopped talking to your old friends 2 weeks after your swearing in, infact you asked your Protocols never to allow Peter your childhood friend to come near the House or office again because he was Disturbing you with calls and messages”

“Honey, if not that I am your wife I wouldn’t have been here too because I remember you barely stay in the house for a very long time now, always busy with meetings and traveling and your new found friends are always here most times till 2am and some even sleep on the couch in the sitting room till dawn” Thank God I have my husband back o!

After the Conversation with my wife, it occurred to me that truly LOYALTY HAS GONE ON TRANSFER.

To be contd…

DISCLAIMER: This piece is a reflection of the opinion, Imaginations, and expressions of the writer only.

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