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Business::Marketing - April 11, 2021

Pampered pooch has wardrobe with thousands

A pampered pooch has more clothes than her owner – with her very own walk-in wardrobe to display the $4,000 AUD (£2,200) collection of 257 outfits.

Furry fashionista Teenie, 3, has almost enough cute and colourful outfits to wear a new one every day of the year, including dresses, jumpers, harnesses, bows and bandanas.

Her owner Cindy Phan, 22, from Sydney, has been dressing three-year-old Teenie up since she was a pup and says the classy canine loves strutting her stuff around town.

The trendy pup, who is a Pomeranian, Chihuahua and German Spitz cross, loves all the attention she gets for her adorable looks when she’s out and about.

Tiny pooch Teenie, 3, has a wardrobe worth thousands courtesy of her owner and now has over 250 outfits 

Teenie wears a different outfit almost every day with passionate pet-owner Cindy saying she ‘loves’ dressing up 

Teenie is even a social media star, gaining 13,400 Instagram followers in just 15 months since veterinary nurse Cindy launched the account.

However Cindy has faced backlash online as many are ‘offended’ by the money she has spent on Teenie or say that dogs should be ‘outside playing in mud’.





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Share While admitting that spending thousands of pounds on doggy clothes might be ‘ridiculous’, Cindy claims it is her choice and says ‘spoilt’ Teenie is unlike other dogs as she hates even getting her paws wet.

Cindy said: ‘Teenie’s wardrobe is definitely bigger than mine.

Owner Cindy revealed her dog’s wardrobe is bigger than her own, as she ‘almost’ has something different to wear every day 

‘She almost has enough to wear something different every day for a whole year. I can’t say the same for mine.

She explained: ‘Teenie’s clothing used to be kept in one of the drawers in my closet but that overfilled quite quickly.

‘I didn’t have enough space to surrender another one of my drawers for her so I bought a ladder rack from Kmart and set up her own wardrobe stand.

‘Then that wasn’t enough so one rack became two. Then three. I think we all see where this is going.

Cindy explained she started out with ‘one or two’ racks for Teenie’s clothing, before the collection expanded 

‘I get really excited when I get Teenie a new outfit and I get to try it on her. She gets excited from the treats that she gets after I put an outfit on so it’s a win win situation.

‘She also likes dressing up because it means she’s going somewhere and that means getting attention.

‘Although her wardrobe is big, I don’t dress Teenie up when she’s at home. She’s very much naked and happy to be naked.

‘So she associates dressing up with going out, whether it’d be to join me at work or out for a walk.

Cindy said Teenie loves getting dressed up as ‘it means she’s going somewhere and that means getting attention 

‘And people love it when they see a cute little dog all dressed up. We get stopped on walks regularly and she receives lots of pats when we’re out and about.

‘Teenie is an attention seeker but what little dog isn’t? She very much enjoys life in the spotlight because it means treats are coming from all different directions.’

Animal-lover Cindy started buying outfits for her pooch when she was still in high school and had to save up her lunch money to purchase cheap pet clothing on eBay.

But since starting work, Cindy can now treat Teenie to more lavish items and recently brought home a haul of dog clothes from a holiday to Japan and Korea.

Cindy called her dog ‘an attention seeker’ who loves life in the spotlight by showing off her decadent wardrobe  

In total Cindy has spent $4,000 AUD, £2,200, on her hound’s haute couture which she says some people criticise but in her opinion Teenie ‘deserves the world’.

The dog owner’s only regret is not taking more photos of ‘top model’ Teenie before setting up her social media account @teeniethepom last year.

Cindy said: ‘Teenie is the best model. She is so obedient and listens to commands extremely well.

‘Sometimes people will ask me what editing software I use and how I photoshop the backgrounds around her but I honestly have no idea how to use photoshop.

Cindy defended spending thousands on her dog, saying dressing up her ‘spoiled’ pooch made her happy 

Cindy called the pooch ‘the best model’ as she was ‘so obedient’ and always listens to commands well 

‘I wish I knew how to use photoshop. She’s just an amazing dog that sits and lies still for photos so I can take them without fancy editing.

‘I started dressing her up when she was a puppy just because I thought it was cute but I actually didn’t start taking photos of her until I created her Instagram account last year.

‘I regret that I don’t have many puppy photos of her so I try to take lots now.

‘People don’t have negative things to say when they see us in person but it’s a different story online.

Cindy said people are often offended to hear that she had spent $4,000 AUD (or £2,200) on her pooch’s clothing 

‘How much I’ve spent on Teenie’s clothing, for whatever reason, offends people the most.

‘Is it a lot of money on pet clothing? Yes. A ridiculous amount? Yes.

‘But I studied, completed my course, am employed and I work hard for my money, so it should not be anyone’s concern on what I choose to spend my money on.

‘I know Teenie is spoilt, nobody needs to tell me. She deserves it. She deserves the world.’

Cindy defended spending thousands on her little dog’s wardrobe as she said she had worked hard for her money and it was her choice. Pictured with some deers

Some people online also criticise Cindy for choosing to dress up her pup, telling her ‘dogs should stay outside and roll around in the mud and be a dog’.

But Teenie’s owner insists that her ‘spoilt’ pet is not your regular pooch and can’t stand getting her paws dirty.

Cindy said: ‘Most people online are positive but you get a few people that don’t have the nicest thing to say like ‘dogs should stay outside and roll around in the mud and be a dog’.

‘Believe me when I tell you that I have to drag her outside for toileting when it’s raining. She hates even getting her feet wet.

Cindy said dressing her dog up makes her happy, saying: ‘Different things make different people happy’ 

‘At the end of the day, different things make different people happy. I don’t wear make up every day but I don’t judge people who enjoy that.

‘I’m not into sports but I don’t stop people who enjoy it from going to watch games.

‘Dressing Teenie up and pampering her makes me happy, but I’m not forcing anybody else to do that to their own dogs so really there shouldn’t be an issue.’

The passionate pet owner has spent over £2,000 on her pampered pooch, who has a wardrobe of over 250 outfits 

Cindy revealed she was criticised online for dressing the pooch up, but said she doesn’t care because it makes her happy 

Teenie’s parents belong to Cindy’s mum and dad who gave their daughter the opportunity to pick one puppy from the litter to keep.

The ‘spunky’ pup with a huge personality has been the ‘light of Cindy’s life’ since the day she was born.

Cindy said: 고양이교배 ‘She has such funny little quirks like rubbing her tummy on the carpet and dancing with her two front feet when she’s happy.

Cindy said she knows her pooch is spoilt but doesn’t have a problem with it, calling the dog the light of her life

‘She’s a total foodie and turns her head when she hears the word ‘treat’. She really is a spunky girl with a huge personality in a small Teenie package.

‘She’s the light of my life. She’s been there when I’ve felt alone. She knows when I’m feeling down. She knows how to cheer me up.’

She added: ‘I honestly have no idea what I’d do without her. I just love her so much.’

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